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For TOO long HOA's have had a STRANGLEHOLD on American Homeowners!

Third-Party Managed HOA's are no longer RELEVANT nor Wanted!

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Tell us about YOUR HOA Horror Story, Gross Injustice or Unreasonable Treatment!

The Solution

Our Solution for the HOA Nightmare. A Proposal for Homeowner Ownership.

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We are trying to reach as many Homeowners as possible and, as you know, this costs money.
Our Proposal

HOA's, in general, have failed in their obligations to protect their charges' Property Values and Security... It's very simple; the statistics are clear. Additionally, when the Economic Crisis hit, instead of PROTECTING financially challenged Homeowners, they turned, instead to Doubling Down on their Draconian ENFORCEMENT and INTIMIDATION.

It is time for ownership of HOA's to revert to the HOMEOWNERS!!

These are supposedly Not For Profit organizations,(Curiously MANAGED by FOR PROFIT companies), so no one SHOULD object based on lost profits. Each Community will elect their own boards, set their own Standards as well as Enforcement, and those in need, unable to meet Reasonable Standards, will be HELPED by the HOA, NOT Harassed!

Look, with the budget these companies have, WE could maintain the appearance of the Community as well as provide FREE Daycare\Medical\Outreach Centers in EVERY Community! Simple Partner Relationships with Local Businesses, Medical Providers and Community Centers, will make this possible.

In addition to Relationships, Efficiency is critical to ensure fiscal solvency of ANY company; especially one tasked with Protecting our Communities.

Instead of hiring SPIES to intimidate and oppress their charges how about hiring Security Patrols to PROTECT them!

Replace EXPENSIVE MAIL with nearly FREE EMAIL! Notifications and communication can be handled much more EFFICIENTLY this way and at a FRACTION OF THE COST!

Why not use the Community to report problems instead of hire an army of SPIES to go LOOKING for them? And instead of OPPRESSING the "violator", HELP them reach compliance. What a concept; Neighbors HELPING Neighbors! The HOA could supply all needed materials and The Community could supply the labor, as well as established Relationship Partners...

Homeowners are the BACKBONE of our Economy and NEED to be able to thrive, without UNREASONABLE and UNREALISTIC constraints. We believe that each Community knows BEST what works for THEM, NOT some profit based OVERLORD.

I have heard dozens of HOA Horror Stories, even lived through a few myself, and decided to Fight Back!

Send us YOUR story and SIGN our Petition so we can move forward and force Legislation to make this much needed CHANGE! All it takes is ONE Judge to begin the metamorphosis.

Click BELOW to read the entire Home Owners Protection Enactment!
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